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Why PetStay?

Because we know how important it is to feel calm for your pet while you are not together.

Because you know how hard it is to find caring sitters or to ruin your plans.

Because every member of the family deserves the best care.

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Great for your pet

Your pet will feel better when he is with a person who gives him love and attention

It will be in a homely and cozy environment, not in a cage

It could evеn stay in your neighborhood!

Great for you

You quickly find the best sitter close to you

You search according to your criteria

Easy and convenient to use and to reserve

Personal attitude during the stay

Trust & Safety

All sitters have passed internal check.

All sitters are approved by specialist.

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Our platform connects pet owners with trusted pet sitters to make everyone feel good. See what pet owners are saying:


Martin N


Lily and Kim are great people, owners and caretakers. They took Barry in and cared for him with lots of love for 8 days. They strictly followed his diet and hygiene habits, although I told them they could make it their own. They even took care of the weekly bathing and brushing of the teeth.


Viktoria G

Dog: Bella


Donna and her boyfriend are extremely kind and caring and I’m more than happy I chose them! Whatever I write here I will not be able to express the most important thing, namely their energy and responsibility and love for the little furry ones. I recommend with both hands and thanks again for spending time with Bella. <3


Andrei H.

Dog: Toto


We chose Veronica because she has experience with playful dogs like Toto, who liked her, so we were OK with her letting him into the park next to them. We are all very happy 🙂


Didi E.


Denny is super nice and caring! Our crazies were in very good hands 🙂

Tips & Resources

Check out some useful tips & tricks from us to make your dog’s or cat’s stay even safer.

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How to find a loving home?

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. We are selecting only trusted pet sitters who will take proper care of your pet while you are away. You will be able to discuss all your pet’s needs before and after confirmation of booking.

As soon as you reserve a pet sitter through our platform and after the chosen pet sitter has agreed to the booking, which can take up to 48 hours.

Easy. Follow the steps in Become a Sitter page and our team will contact you to proceed with the onboarding.

You will receive monthly payments from PetStay for all your successful bookings through the platform. Detailed information will be provided during the onboarding process.

If you change plans or your mind, please follow our Cancellation Policies.

It depends individually on each sitter and varies according to criteria such as personal experience with pets, accommodation, location, occupation, platform’s rating, etc. We can surely advise you so to be competitive yet righteously rewarded.