Our story

What is PetStay?

PetStay is the first of its kind Bulgarian platform for pet boarding.

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind to every owner while they are separated from their beloved pets by providing an easy and convenient reservation system for trusted sitters of our furry friends family members.

Why PetStay?

  • Because we have all faced the question, “What do we do with _________?
  • Because even if we want to take our precious little ones with us when we travel, it is not always possible.
  • Because not every time can our family, friend, or neighbor respond (or we have inconvenienced them to such an extent that it is more than uncomfortable).
  • Because hotels are not always available or… rarely offer anything other than a cage for the overnight stay. A nice cage, sometimes. But still a cage!
  • And because finding a caring home should be quick and easy 🙂

Our story

Our story is being written together with you and thanks to you.

Anyone who loves animals and wants to earn income by boarding them in their home can become a trusted sitter on the platform and thus expand the impact of the service.

Anyone who has trusted a pet sitter through the platform can leave feedback, recommend them to another friend, or explore and reserve other sitters.

Starting in the summer of 2023 as a completely new platform, we will grow together with you – owners and sitters – and strive to listen to you, learn, improve, and enrich ourselves.

Behind the platform

These are Petar and Robbie.

Almost like Batman and Robin, but not exactly.

Because they will seek to provide peace of mind to thousands of you. And at the end of the day, they will truly be happy when they find out that our fluffy friends are satisfied and happy after every stay in a foreign, yet loving home.

We will soon add more fantastic heroes to the team to help them in their mission 😊

What’s next?

🐾 Explore the platform.

🐾 Book a sitter.

🐾 Become a sitter.

🐾 Share with friends.

🐾 Follow us.

🐾 Get in touch with us.

Be part of our story and remember that you now have an easy alternative for your pet’s stay.

It’s PetStay.