Lenuta I.


Настанява кучета

ж.к. Младост 4, Sofia

За Lenuta

I am a dog lover since I was a kid. Currently, I don't have my own.

I had a foster dog before which got adopted in the end. I am dog sitting sometimes for my friends, no matter the dog size. I like all kinds of dogs: small to big breeds.

I enjoy going out in nature or parks and taking long walks, especially if I have a companion.

I will play and care for your furry friend, as well as take it to long pleasant walks. Once you decide to leave it with me, I am happy to receive as much information as possible about daily routine, care and needs. While you are away, I will keep you updated with pics and videos on how your baby is doing.

I speak Romanian, English and Spanish. 



Настаняване кучета

35.00 лв. нощ

Моля, въведете датата на оставяне и взeмане.

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