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g.k. Yavorov, Sofia

За Gabriella

Hi, I am Gabi, a certified dog trainer from Hungary. I am happy to take care of your dog(s) when you're away from home. If you let your dog stay with me, I will take good care of them and keep them mentally and physically active, based on the dog's needs and activity level. 

Currently I have a dackel (wiener dog). I got my certification as a trainer in Hungary last year. I also finished two courses with my own dog to receive his certificate of training. He is very docile and generally well-behaved around other dogs. He is a bit defensive with short snout breeds (eg pug or french bully), but it has not been a problem before, when a pug was in our care. 

Before I had my own dog, I also used to volunteer at a dog shelter in Japan and when in Hungary, I used to take dogs on walks at a shelter. After I adopted Ubi (my wiener dog), I got interested in training as well and so we started this journey. I do dog sitting, dog walking and training with positive reinforcement. 

I live close to Borisova garden, so I prefer to take dogs on big walks or runs there. My apartment has separable rooms, so dogs can be separated to rest or if otherwise needed. 

I only accept 1 or a maximum of 2 dogs at a time, who are socialized well and/or are already familiar with each other or live together.

Things your dog will need:

EU dog passport with valid vaccination and deworming

Leash and collar (and other accessories if you have)

Food and favourite snack


Medication and/or supplements if needed

Also a favourite toy(s) and maybe reminder of home (piece of clothing, blanket that smells of home)

I speak English, Hungarian, German, Chinese, Japanese.
My partner speaks Bulgarian.



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Анелия Н.

Домашни любимци: Дара

Sofia, Bulgaria

6 ноември, 2023

От сърце благодаря на Габи и нейният сладур Уби за вниманието и отговорността, с която се грижеха за нашата Дара. Габи е чудесна, внимателна и има много добър подход към кучетата. Нашият престой беше дълъг и в началото искрено се притеснявах, но Габи ни изпращаше клипчета и снимки всеки ден, от които се личеше нейната ангажираност, всеотдайност и че у тях Дара се чувства много добре. Препоръчвам Габи от все сърце и още веднъж й благодаря за всичко !

Яна Д.

Домашни любимци: Leo

Sofia, Bulgaria

24 октомври, 2023

Gabi and her partner Liubo were great hosts! They took care of Leo for one night, but then he didn't want to leave! He would definitely be happy to meet them again, and so do I!

Ива С.

Домашни любимци: Robbie 🐾

Sofia, Bulgaria

18 октомври, 2023

Gabriella and her friend were amazing in taking care of our energetic Robbie. We got fast approval, great attitude, and many updates throughout the weekend, where he seemed more than happy. We definitely recommend. Thank you, Gabi 😊


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