Reka N.


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g.k. Druzhba 2, Sofia

За Reka

Hello, My name is Reka. I am Hungarian. But this is not really important. I have been an avid animal enthusiast since childhood, but my personal favourites have always been dogs. 


I started volunteering in shelters and I had my first foster when I moved to Sofia. It has been an amazing and also challenging time as having a dog mostly is, but it strengthened my appreciation for animals. I like all dogs, so you can leave your small dog (smallest was a toy size Yorkie around 2 kg) with me, but I had some pretty big dogs too (around 30 kg) so I can handle bigger puppies too. I have fostered bigger dogs (hounds and Dobermanns) or smaller ones (like Pomeranians, Yorkies, Chihuahuas) or the mixed ones in between. For a shorter period I have even taken care of a three legged dog. Currently I work full time at home and have no animals.


I believe in force free, positive behavioural training, where I try to create a calm, stress free environment for the dogs I live with. I try to establish a routine, with training, play and of course rest. I love to hike and like to take the dogs with me too. 


Before you leave your dog with me, I like to know everything about your dog’s usual routine and possibly see each other, just so I won’t be an unfamiliar face for your puppy. During the time your puppy is with me, I like to send messages, photos and videos, so you always know how is your pet doing. 


If you have any questions, please let me know! I am looking forward to meet you and your dog! :)  


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