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g.k. Druzhba 2, Sofia

За Reka

Hello, My name is Reka. I am Hungarian. But this is not really important. I have been an avid animal enthusiast since childhood, but my personal favourites have always been dogs. 


I started volunteering in shelters and I had my first foster when I moved to Sofia. It has been an amazing and also challenging time as having a dog mostly is, but it strengthened my appreciation for animals. I like all dogs, so you can leave your small dog (smallest was a toy size Yorkie around 2 kg) with me, but I had some pretty big dogs too (around 30 kg) so I can handle bigger puppies too. I have fostered bigger dogs (hounds and Dobermanns) or smaller ones (like Pomeranians, Yorkies, Chihuahuas) or the mixed ones in between. For a shorter period I have even taken care of a three legged dog. Currently I work full time at home and have no animals. 


I believe in force free, positive behavioural training, where I try to create a calm, stress free environment for the dogs I live with. I try to establish a routine, with training, play and of course rest. I love to hike and like to take the dogs with me too. 


Before you leave your dog with me, I like to know everything about your dog’s usual routine and possibly see each other, just so I won’t be an unfamiliar face for your puppy. During the time your puppy is with me, I like to send messages, photos and videos, so you always know how is your pet doing. 


If you have any questions, please let me know! I am looking forward to meet you and your dog! :)  


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анита к.

Домашни любимци: Buddy

Sofia, Bulgaria

7 май, 2024

I'm really impressed how good care Reka took of my boy! And let's be honest i was really scared to leave my dog cause i never did before .. i was terrified. But Reka made sure of it to let me know how's he is doing all the time. She was sending me sooo many photos of him. I would say that Reka is one of the bestest pet care person i know! She took him on a long walks, she played with him! I'm really happy i chose her to look out for my dog! And for sure i will leave him again to her when i need to travel! ❤️

Николета Г.

Домашни любимци: Maggie

Sofia, Bulgaria

23 април, 2024

Reka is an amazing caretaker and we can't be happier with her approach. She was very easy to talk to, proactive in asking questions about our dog Maggie and she went far and beyond in making sure everything goes as smooth as possible. She wanted to understand the dog's habits, perks and quirks in her behavior and the two hit it off quite well from the very beginning. She was sending photos and videos all the time and we knew Maggie was in great hands. She took her on long walks, made sure she is mentally and physically entertained - even practiced commands with her in bulgarian. She did regular checks on her because currently Sofia city is swarming with ticks, and made sure the overall wellbeing of the dog is great. She had a very good approach in giving Maggie things to soothe her and calm her down - be it lick mats, snuffle mats or interesting toys. My dog isn't the easiest dog to deal with because she has her own opinion about things, but I think Reka did great in every aspect. What we got back was one happy happy dog and we'll definitely reunite them on other occasions. :))

Диана М.

Домашни любимци: Rocky

Sofia, Bulgaria

7 април, 2024

We are impressed with Reka's amazing care for our border collie Rocky. She has a great approach to dogs and loves them very much. She provided him with long walks every day, lots of games and different ways to give him his food. Rocky's favorite was the snuffle mat which for him was a fun and playful way to get his food. Reka sent us pictures and videos 3 times a day and kept us informed of how happy Rocky was. She is very reliable and we will certainly rely on her again next time. We thank her immensely for her dedication to Rocky. I would recommend Reka to anyone who needs someone to look after their dog and have complete peace of mind that they will receive the best care.

Деница Ш.

Домашни любимци: Карис

Sofia, Bulgaria

26 март, 2024

Another great stay with Reka. Karis had a lot of fun and he is in love with her. When he saw her first it looked like he missed her a lot. She knows how to be a dog friend :) We will come again :)

Венелин М.

Домашни любимци: Лоран

Sofia, Bulgaria

15 март, 2024

Reka was really responsive and we communicated easily. She was very detailed about how she will take care of our 10-year old Jack Russell Terrier and what they will do in the 3 days that she took him. She sent many pictures and videos of him enjoying his stay or sleeping carefree. She immediately spotted a tick on his coat and she proposed to take the anti-tick drops that we have not been administering for some time. In short, she is a really caring and dog-loving person and we are immensely happy with her. Definitely recommended

Деница Ш.

Домашни любимци: Карис

Sofia, Bulgaria

6 март, 2024

Reka took an extraordinary care for Karis during his stay! She is very experienced with many other dogs so she knew exactly how to approach our dog, she could predict his reactions and his needs. All the time she was playing with him and thinking different ways to engage with him. She brought him on long walks and she really enjoyed the time spent with Karis because she is crazy about dogs. I have never seen such approach from any dog hotel or even friends who took care before for our dog. She is dedicated all the time and spend all her time to ensure the dog is well taken care of. We have forgotten our bowls at home and also the poop bags were finished but she took care of this too. I was impressed also that she had some special snuffle mats and different other plays occupying his attention. She even bought him a new toy which he destroyed :D All in all Reka did a great job and we will stay for sure again with her. I can recommend her to everyone who needs to leave his dog to someone special!

Ива С.

Домашни любимци: Robbie

Sofia, Bulgaria

6 януари, 2024

Once again PetStay proofed to have the best pet sitters. We booked Reka for the days around NYE and she did more than amazing job taking care of all needs for our cocker spaniel Robbie. Long walks in the nature, updates 2-3 times a day how is he doing, lots of cuddles and attention of his eating and behaviour. We felt really secured that our dog is in good hands and lovely home.


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