Katerina M.


Настаняванe на любимци

Hipodruma, Sofia

За Katerina

Hello, I’m a student studying in Bulgaria. I’m in the medical field and I can take responsibilities and care for others. I have a great relationship with all breeds and especially smaller dogs. I’m currently spending a lot of time at home,  I can keep company to your pet the whole day and I would love to take care of it.
I have experience with French bulldogs, chihuahuas and other dogs. I can provide daily walks to the nearby park, where we will have lots of fun with your pet. I can also provide a safe and friendly environment for your pet because I currenly live alone and I have no other pets.
I’m looking forward to take care and spend quality time with your little friends. 


Настаняване кучета

35.00 лв. нощ

Настаняване котки

35.00 лв. нощ

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